Why It Matters Who You Choose for a Septoplasty in Los Angeles

by | Sep 25, 2023 | Septoplasty

When it comes to septoplasty surgery, who you choose matters. Septoplasty is a common procedure to repair a deviated septum, but like any surgery, who you choose for your surgeon can have an effect on your risks and the quality of your surgery’s outcome. In a large metropolitan area like Los Angeles, there are lots of options so let’s look at the top considerations for choosing a septoplasty surgeon.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Surgeon

What type of Surgeon should you use? A septoplasty is usually performed by a qualified ear, nose, and throat (ENT) physician, also called an otolaryngologist, but there are lots of factors to consider.

Septorhinoplasty Options

Septoplasty is a medical procedure, but many people choose to combine septoplasty with a rhinoplasty, which is cosmetic surgery to change the appearance of the nose.

Septoplasty Surgery Los Angeles - C/V ENT Surgical GroupAlthough rhinoplasty isn’t covered by insurance, if it’s a procedure that you’ve been considering, it can still be a savings to combine it with a septoplasty, as many of the surgical fees, such as anesthesia, will overlap and be covered by insurance. If you do rhinoplasty as a separate, standalone procedure, you’ll have to pay for these surgical fees out of pocket.

If you’re opting for a septorhinoplasty, you’ll want to choose a doctor who is both a qualified ENT who specializes specifically in septoplasty, as well as a surgeon who is trained in facial plastic surgery and an expert in rhinoplasty.

Specialty Expertise

Septoplasty is a common procedure, but it still takes a high level of training and skill to perform properly. Even if a septoplasty is not being performed with a rhinoplasty, attention to aesthetics is important because the nose sits at the center of your face and even minor changes to its appearance can have a huge effect. Not all ENTs are created equal—the specialists at C/V ENT are renowned for their expertise in both aesthetics and function in all their head and neck surgeries.

Dr. Alen Cohen, MD, FACS, FARS, is a board-certified ENT/Head & Neck Surgeon who is a nose and sinus specialist at C/V ENT. Part of his prestigious reputation is due to his understanding of the importance of combining function and cosmesis for his surgical patients.

Surgical Experience

Choosing a surgeon with more years of experience performing septoplasty may help reduce the risk of complications and improve the chances of a good, lasting outcome from surgery. Dr. Cohen has been performing septoplasty for many years. In practice as an ENT for more than 14 years, he founded the prestigious Southern California Sinus Institute (SCSI), which treats many patients for deviated septums. His wealth of surgical experience also led to his appointment as a previous Chief of Surgery at West Hills Hospital & Medical Center and to his role as a teacher of surgery as Assistant Clinical Professor of Surgery at UCLA.

Education and Certification

To find a highly qualified surgeon for your septoplasty, look at their education, training and certification. All ENTs complete a rigorous medical education, which includes four years of college or university, four years of medical school, and a post-graduate residency.

Not all physicians pursue board certification, fellowships, and additional memberships in their field—finding one who does can be a good indicator of commitment to quality standards and the latest techniques in a specific specialization. To become board-certified in otolaryngology, a doctor must meet training requirements, pass exams and participate in maintaining certification. Fellowship training is additional training in a medical specialty after a specialized residency completion.

At C/V ENT Surgical Group, we have renowned specialists board-certified in otolaryngology, as well as fellowship-trained facial plastic surgeons. Learn more about each member of our team and their prestigious education and training backgrounds.


Maybe you’ve found a surgeon who has many years of experience and an excellent education, but what about the quality of the surgeon’s work? To find the right septoplasty expert in Los Angeles, pay attention to distinctions that indicate the doctor’s record of quality. Dr. Cohen has been recognized nationally and within the Los Angeles area as a leading nose and sinus specialist, with multiple listings as a Los Angeles Magazine Super Doctor, as well as being named as one of America’s Top Surgeons by the Consumer Research Council of America. Lastly, he has earned the coveted Castle-Connelly Nationwide Top Doctor in his field of nose and sinus surgery for the last three years.

Personal Considerations

Insurance and financing is also an important consideration for many people when choosing a surgeon for septoplasty. Most insurance plans cover septoplasty and most major plans are accepted by C/V ENT Surgical Group. Only if cosmetic changes are made to the nose, consisting of a rhinoplasty, then there are added out-of-pocket costs to the procedure.

Another important consideration in who you choose for septoplasty is personal compatibility. There are few things more important than your health and you should only put it in the hands of a person that you trust! At C/V ENT Surgical Group, not only are we embedded in the Los Angeles community we serve, but we’re deeply committed to our patients. Everyone from surgeons to our support staff makes the comfort and experience of our patients a top priority.

Why Who You Choose for Septoplasty is Important

While deviated septum repair is common, there are risks, as with any surgery. For septoplasty, these risks are minimal but can include bleeding, infection, scarring, redeviation of the septum, septal perforation, adverse reaction to anesthesia, changes to the shape of the nose, injured septum, and decreased or loss of sense of smell.

Outside of risks and complications, you’ll want to enhance your chances for the best outcome. Choosing the right surgeon can reduce surgical risks, and decrease the risk of continued symptoms after surgery or the need for additional surgeries.

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