Facial Fracture Repair

Facial Fracture Repair Maxillofacial trauma, or trauma of the face, requires prompt and accurate diagnosis to ensure proper treatment, mainly due to trauma often resulting in complex bony and soft tissue injuries. C/V ENT Surgical Group provides unique expertise and experience to reconstruct the features of the face, returning patients to full functionality and appearance.

Using high-resolution CT scanners and three-dimensional CT formatting, we can properly plan the reduction of the fractures from the trauma to obtain the best possible outcomes.

In spite of accurate diagnosis and injury analysis, some patients develop long term functional or cosmetic deformities that require additional intervention. Common post-traumatic facial deformities include:

  • Soft tissue atrophy
  • Post-traumatic enopthalmus (recessed eyeball in orbit)
  • Post-traumatic telecanthus (increased distance between eyelids)
  • Malar flattening
  • Cranial defects

Combining advanced craniofacial techniques with state-of-the-art technologies used in preoperative planning and intra-operative design of restorative surgery is the best approach for our patients.

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