Common Questions

What type of Facelift do I need?

Facelift Questions

C/V ENT Surgical Group specializes in minimally invasive facelifts. For the right patient, the procedure can be done in the office without general anesthesia. Recovery from a “mini-lift” is often faster than traditional facelifts. C/V ENT Surgical Group also performs a short incision young woman’s facelift as well as the traditional classic facelift. A consultation and facial evaluation will help elucidate the best options for facial rejuvenation.

What does a Facelift do?

A proper facelift will tighten and strengthen the underlying support structures of the skin to provide a durable and natural result. The skin is then redraped over the face to allow for a tension free closure. This creates a more youthful appearance but most importantly a natural look. It is very important to choose a facial plastic surgeon to perform the procedure. Many “facelifts” are simply some doctors pulling skin back. That unfortunately leads to at best shorter-term results and at worst significant scarring.

Facelift Questions Recovery

In general, facelift surgery is not painful afterwards. The first day or two following your facelift surgery you may experience some discomfort, but most of our patients have their pain well controlled with plain tylenol. The doctor will leave a formal bandage and headwrap that is removed within 24-48 hours. After that, a soft band is all that is necessary for recovery. All sutures are generally removed within 10 days of the procedure.

Q: Who is the ideal candidate?

A: Ideal facelift candidates are physically and mentally healthy, and understand the scope of change that the procedure offers. The condition of a patient’s skin may also affect their candidacy, a variable that often proves more important than age.

Q: Will I see my incisions?

A: The incisions hide very well. Many patients have absolutely no visible incisions after healing is complete. We can provide before and after photos during your consultation that show how well the facelift incisions heal.

Q: Am I too old for a facelift?

A: Age is less important factor than overall health and skin condition. C/V ENT Surgical Group has facelift patients that range from early 40s to late 80s.

Q: I am really bothered by my neck, do I need a facelift?

A: Yes, there is an old saying in plastic surgery that the best neck lift is a facelift. C/V ENT Surgical Group takes a comprehensive approach to the neck. Using multiple different approaches simultaneously to address both the lower neck, upper neck and central neck.

Q: I have difficulty with general anesthesia, can this be done without being put to sleep?

A: Absolutely! Several options exist for anesthesia during a facelift. The procedure can be done in the office with only local anesthesia or in our surgery center with monitored anesthesia care. Neither of these approaches necessitate a breathing tube. Choosing the right approach for you can be addressed during your consultation.

Q: What is a “Mini Facelift?”

A: A Mini Facelift is just one of the minimally invasive types of facelift C/V ENT performs. This procedure can be done in the office and doesn’t require being put to sleep! Other similar procedures include the Young Woman’s Facelift. The length of incisions and amount of dissection is considerably less than a classic facelift. The correct type of facelift for you can be addressed during your consultation.

Q: What is a “liquid facelift?” Am I a candidate?

A: Liquid facelifts most commonly involve the use of fat or other dermal fillers. In this practice we most commonly Juvederm Voluma XC to restore volume to areas that are appearing older. These fillers can create a more youthful appearance of the face. An ideal candidate is not bound by age, but typically does not have significant skin laxity. Rather, there is usually significant hollowing and volume loss of the face. This appearance is commonly seen in runners and other in-shape athletes.

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