Nasal Fracture Repair

Nasal Fracture Repair Our nose surgeons at C/V ENT Surgical Group in Los Angeles specialize in treating nasal fractures in both a functional as well as cosmetic manner. When one breaks their nose not only are there cosmetic concerns as to the appearance of the nose after the injury but also functional concerns as they’re not breathing properly like before the injury. Our nose specialists have extensive background both in Facial Plastics to address the cosmetic portions and an ENT background to address the breathing and functional aspects of the nose.

The nose has 3 parts to it starting from the top down which include the bony pyramid at the top 1/3, hard cartilage in the middle 1/3 and soft cartilage at the bottom 1/3. When one sustains a nasal fracture usually the bony pyramid is broken, however when left to heal without fixing it the other parts begin to collapse and curve resulting in significant cosmetic and functional (breathing) problems. There are both closed and open approaches to fixing a nasal fracture appropriately and our specialists are well-versed in these techniques and consistently will provide you with the best cosmetically appealing nose as well as a functional nose that you can freely breathe through.

Don’t hesitate to call us at C/V ENT Surgical Group to address your broken nose in a timely, safe and efficient manner usually in an outpatient surgery in under an hour without nasal packing and minimal discomfort and bruising.