Nasal Polyp Surgery

Sinus or Nasal Polyp Surgery

Sinus or Nasal Polyp Surgery Nasal or sinus polyps are benign inflammatory growths that develop along the sinus openings and extend into the nasal passages and sinus cavities. They often lead to various symptoms like nasal obstruction/congestion, snoring, decreased smell/taste, runny nose, postnasal drip, sinus headaches or sinus pressure and recurrent severe sinus infections. Often many polyp patients will have advanced environmental allergies which may have contributed to the development of the polyps and will need medical management in combination with surgery.

Moderate to Severe Nasal/Sinus Polyps

Often patients with moderate to severe nasal/sinus polyps do best with combined surgical and medical management. That is surgery to wide open all of the sinuses and remove all the polypoid tissues seen and medications like nasal steroid sprays (i.e. Flonase/Nasacort etc.) and other oral medications to prevent recurrence.

Revision Sinus Polyp Surgery

Sinus or Nasal Polyp Surgery As such the sinus specialists at C/V ENT Surgical Group in Los Angeles have some of the lowest chances for revision sinus surgery in polyp patients. They will often recommend outpatient minimally invasive image-guided functional endoscopic sinus surgery with surgical placement of the FDA-approved Propel implant at the root of the polyps to provide the best long-term cure to prevent polyp recurrence.

If you suspect that you may have nasal or sinus polyps, it is important that you be seen by one of our expert nose and sinus doctors that service Los Angeles, the San Fernando Valley and Thousand Oaks to discuss your options and get you back to breathing properly.