Benefits of a Septorhinoplasty = Septoplasty + Rhinoplasty

by | Sep 25, 2023 | Rhinoplasty, Septoplasty

There are many reasons that you might be thinking about rhinoplasty or septoplasty. You might have an issue with snoring or a bump in the center of your nose that you don’t like to look at. You might have a host of factors making you consider one of these surgeries or even both.

Before you start meeting with surgeons and taking the next step, you need a little more information. If it’s been recommended that you have septorhinoplasty, you want to know that there are benefits to opting for this type of surgery.

This guide to the benefits of septorhinoplasty can help you learn more and make an informed decision.

What is Septorhinoplasty? 

Rhinoplasty is a form of surgery for the nose that’s almost always cosmetic. It reshapes the outside of the nose, such as removing bumps, reducing the overall size, or reshaping the tip.

Septoplasty is another form of surgery for the nose; however, it’s performed inside the nose and repairs its structure. It’s typically performed to repair structural defects, including a deviated septum.

Sometimes, the doctor needs to repair the internal structure while also repairing a cosmetic defect to successfully repair a deviated septum. This surgery combines the other surgeries into a single one called a septorhinoplasty.

Benefits of a Septorhinoplasty

If you need to repair your deviated septum or some other issue, and your doctor recommends septorhinoplasty for corrections, you need to know that there are benefits to this type of surgery. Here’s a look at the most common benefits of septorhinoplasty.

1. Single Surgery

If you want cosmetic changes to your nose, and you need structural changes to the inside, septorhinoplasty offers you the opportunity to correct both during a single surgery. You won’t need to wait and heal from one surgery to perform the next. You’ll also only need to go under anesthesia a single time with the benefits of both surgeries in one surgery.

2. Single Recovery Time

The recovery process for both rhinoplasty and septoplasty includes swelling and pain for a couple of days. It also takes several weeks for you to fully heal from these surgeries. With septorhinoplasty, you only have a single recovery time to endure. You can get both the cosmetic and structural benefits with only one recovery period.

3. Save Money

Rhinoplasty is almost always considered a cosmetic procedure, and your insurance won’t cover the costs of surgery. However, a septoplasty is performed to correct a structural defect in the nose to help the patient be able to breathe more easily. It’s almost always covered by your insurance provider.

When you combine the two surgeries into a single septorhinoplasty, you’ll save money. You won’t pay as much out of pocket as you would if you were having rhinoplasty done by itself. It can save you money on anesthesia, the surgery suite, and more.

You’ll be able to enjoy both the cosmetic and structural benefits while saving money on a combined surgery. Your insurance company will cover the largest share of the overhead costs while you pay for the surgeon’s skills.

4. Breath Easier and Enjoy Better Health

Septorhinoplasty corrects structural defects within the nose that cause you to have breathing issues, such as snoring. You also may find that you don’t suffer from as many sinus infections after your septorhinoplasty.

If you have sleep apnea due to an obstruction created by a deviated septum or some other structural defect, this surgery can help reduce or cure your instances of sleep apnea. You’ll find the correction of structural defects to your nose help you sleep more easily throughout the night, which improves your overall well-being.

5. Be More Confident

If you’ve suffered comments and bullying about your nose, your self-esteem has probably taken a hit. Even if no one has ever said a word about your nose, you might feel like it’s too big, too crooked, or too bumpy.

When you have septorhinoplasty, you enjoy the benefits of the repaired structural problems but also the improved looks of a changed form. You’ll see the nose you’ve always dreamed of having when you look in the mirror.

This type of change provides you with more confidence. Whether it’s school or a job, your new confidence can help you take new chances and improve the way you feel about yourself. This new confidence will also change the way that others view you as well.

6. Reduce Your Risk of Complications

While rhinoplasty and septoplasty are common procedures, they also carry a risk of complications. These complications include infection, bleeding issues, and others. Your doctor will discuss these risks with you, but each time you have surgery you take these risks.

When you combine two surgical procedures into a single septorhinoplasty, you reduce the risk that would come from two separate surgeries. To further reduce your risks, follow all the instructions from your surgeon before and after your surgery.

7. Save Time

It takes time to have surgery. You need to schedule an initial appointment and go to it. Then you need to take time off from work to have the surgery. After the surgery, you’ll need to take time off to rest.

As you heal, you’ll have at least one follow-up appointment. If you opt for septorhinoplasty instead of two separate surgeries, you’ll only need to commit this time once instead of twice.

This means that you won’t need to worry about taking time off from work on more occasions than necessary. Your time is valuable, and you don’t want to spend it on more surgeries than are necessary, especially if you can combine two into one.


Septorhinoplasty can allow you to repair any structural abnormalities within your nose while also changing its outside appearance. The surgery combines a rhinoplasty and septoplasty procedure.

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There are many benefits of a septorhinoplasty. You’ll only need to recover once and minimize the risks that two surgeries can bring. You can also save money on the cost of rhinoplasty that isn’t typically covered by insurance. Furthermore, many patients who visit our group elect to have the best experts for each portion of the procedure.

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