In-Office Turbinate Reduction

In Office Turbinate Reductions

Los Angeles’ expert sinus surgeons at C/V ENT Surgical Group have performed innumerable in-office turbinate reductions for patients suffering from nasal congestion, severe allergies, recurrent sinus conditions including sneezing, congestion, headaches, sinusitis and even snoring and sleep apnea. For many patients the cause of this discomfort may be due to enlarged or inflamed turbinates.

The turbinates are sausage-shaped structures in our nose that are responsible for filtering and humidifying the air we breathe in. We have 3 sets of turbinates on each side of our nose termed the 1)Superior Turbinates 2)Middle Turbinates and 3)Inferior Turbinates. Each turbinate protrudes in the the nasal/breathing passages as curved ridges of bone surrounded by mucosa. When functioning properly, the turbinates will filter dirt, pollen, allergens and other airborne irritants before they reach your lungs. In patients with significant nose and sinus issues, the turbinates can become significantly enlarged and hypertrophic and cause blockage of our breathing and sinus passages leading to recurrent severe nasal congestion and recurrent or chronic sinusitis.


The Los Angeles ENT specialists at C/V ENT Surgical Group have years of experience performing in-office turbinate reduction under local/topical anesthesia for patients throughout Southern California. This minimally invasive in-office turbinate reduction procedure can be done either with a cold laser called Coblation or via a small shaver called submucous resection of the turbinates (SMR). The laser procedure only shrinks the lining or mucosa of the turbinates whereas the SMR technique reduces the bone and mucosa with more long-lasting and permanent results.

Turbinate Reductions Recovery

Patients who have our nose doctors perform in-office turbinate reduction report quick recovery in less than 24 to 48 hours from this typically painless procedure. They also show a marked improvement in the reduction of sinus pain, pressure, nasal congestion, sneezing, postnasal drip and various other similar symptoms.  Again there is no packing or major discomfort when our patients have this procedure done in the office under local/topical anesthesia and return back to work the next day.

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